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Will Abstract Art ever rule the World?

The term "abstract art" refers to a type of artwork. Abstract art uses shapes, colors, forms, and gestural marks to accomplish its effect rather than attempting to provide an accurate depiction of visual reality. Abstract art is frequently thought to have a moral dimension, as it represents characteristics such as order, purity, simplicity, and spirituality.

Abstract art on the world globe

Abstract art has been around for more than a century. Some would even argue that abstraction dates back thousands of years and that it has withstood changing creative movements, manifestos, and testimonials throughout the decades.

The first signs

Impressionism, Post-Impressionism, and Cubism are all examples of abstraction. All three contributed to the realization that art could be non-representative. Modern abstract art emerged in the early twentieth century. For its day, it was entirely revolutionary. Artists began to make simplified images that had little to no connection to the "actual" world.

Abstract Art shapes, cubism example of abstraction

The father

While the first artist to develop abstract art as we know it will always be a mystery, historians frequently attribute Wassily Kandinsky, who created paintings of floating, non-representative forms as early as 1912. During the Armory Show in 1913, his work introduced abstraction to America.

Wassily Kandinsky Abstract Art

The present

Abstract art can now be found in a variety of forms throughout the art world. It's two-dimensional as well as three-dimensional. It might be large or modest in size. Abstract art can be created using a variety of materials and on a variety of surfaces. It can be used in conjunction with representational art or as a stand-alone piece. In their nonobjective work, artists often focus on other visual elements such as color, form, texture, scale, and more.

Red Color Abstract Art Blood Dark


Both the artists and the viewers have a reason for creating abstract art. Many people collect abstract art to use as decoration in their homes. Around the world, abstract art can be seen in homes and businesses. It expresses meaning.

person looking at abstract art, point of view

For corporate collectors, abstract art is chosen to communicate a story about them. They want their art to communicate who they are and what they stand for to their customers. Abstract art is also used by corporate clients to affect their employees' attitudes toward the firm and their jobs.


Abstract art admirers and collectors frequently do so because the colors, forms, texture, or energy that the artwork emits evokes an emotional response or connection in them. Abstract paintings have the ability to change and improve the mood and ambiance of a room.

pint blue abstract art, color shows emotion

According to Nobel Laureate and American-Austrian neuroscientist Eric Kandel, abstract art has the power to engage more directly with viewers in ways that manifest in heightened emotional responses more than any other art form.


Abstract art frequently does not depict anything in the natural world, yet it does so on occasion. Abstract art might simply be a color and form-based visual expression of language or emotion. This isn't true of all abstract art, either.

Abstract Art Milky way Yellow White Art

The term "abstract" denotes a departure from reality, albeit this might occasionally be a minor one. This makes it possible to classify partially abstract landscapes, figures, seascapes, and other works as abstract art.

The beauty of abstract art is that it allows people to interpret what they see in any way they want. This may be stated of any piece of art, but abstract allows the mind to roam and come to its own conclusions. Ten different people could see ten different things in my artwork.

Pink Cloud Abstract Art

Nobody will have the same experience as you. Abstract art allows you to investigate the piece and put your own interpretation to it. The viewer's experience of an artwork is enhanced by this extremely intimate approach.

A timeless genre with infinite appeal

We may probably all recall seeing art at some point in our life. From family members' paintings and prints to museums and galleries we've visited over the years, we've seen it all. We will have encountered a wide range of styles, mediums, and, yes, artists. Abstract art will always hold historical and cultural significance. They are evocative of a bygone era and civilization. They serve as historical markers and proof for us. However, not everyone wants abstract artwork on their home's wall.

Abstract art gallery

Of course, I'm prejudiced because this is my medium, but abstract art will always be popular and relevant because it isn't defined by the artist, the time it was created, or a theme. Abstract art can be manipulated both emotionally and aesthetically. It can be interpreted in a variety of ways, and its attraction is unaffected by changing trends or styles. Abstract art is personal and meaningful. It's a whole mind-body experience. What appears to be an artist who has turned off their brain is instead an artist who is looking at things from entirely another perspective. Color, form, and composition are combined with primal feeling, free of overthinking and analysis. That is why abstract art appeals to me so much. When I cut my paintbrush across the canvas or curl wire into a specific shape, my brain is on a completely different frequency. There are no facts; only immediate symbolism, innate implications, and reactions to color, form, and shape exist. Perhaps abstract art will rule the world someday, perhaps not, but it will never fade into obscurity, and that is more than other art forms can say about themselves.

Greg Furie Abstract Art Yellow Black Red

Many painters have painted abstract art; some are very renowned, having shown people a glimpse into their souls by way of painting. In my opinion, abstract art paints a truly unique picture, each person gazing onto the masterpiece, taken by its visual power and yet absolutely bewildered by its meaning. There are many different wall arts, but the abstract art by Greg Furie is truly a sight to behold. Not only does he paint through a uniquely personal experience, but his painting also conveys a deeper message than most. And the best part is that the abstract art done by him comes in various shapes and sizes; you can get abstract canvas wall art, abstract wall prints, or even framed abstract paintings for your bedside.

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